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You’re frustrated because you’re struggling to achieve your goals and you rarely get real results. You tried using multiple productivity apps to solve this problem. But something’s missing. You’re still in data overload mode and you don’t know how to manage and reach your goals.

You’re desperately looking for one tool that’ll help you see the whole picture and get more things done.

Because, in a world full of choices, choosing the right app for you can quickly become overwhelming.


Are these your daily struggles? 

 ➢ Your notes are scattered across many apps and you want to have everything in one place 

 You feel as if you don’t have enough time and you get easily distracted 

You have so many projects and goals but you don’t know where and how to start 

You lack motivation, energy, discipline and you easily give up on your projects

You have difficulty finding a balance between your personal and professional life 

 You don’t prioritize your tasks and end up missing your deadlines 

 You don’t make the right decisions  and don’t have control on your life 

 You’re stuck in a procrastination doom loop and you don’t learn from your mistakes

All your problems solved with one system…

Lifetion is a flexible system, developed on Notion, that’ll help you reach your goals, manage your priorities, realize your dreams and much more in ONE place.

An innovative system:

🥇All-in-one easy to use

2️⃣ Access everything in 2 clicks

👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏿 Collaborative

🎨 Clean design and hyper-relevant search results

⚙️ Fully customizable

⚖️ Perfect for personal and professional life balance

📹 Video tutorials, examples and a hundred of helpful questions

With Lifetion you can:

🎯 Manage and sort your goals and projects 

📅 Brainstorm, organize and plan all your tasks

📝Create content and access all your notes in one place

✅ Evaluate yourself using the predefined reviews

📓 Define your responsibilities, reminders and ideas

📌 Prioritize your actions and focus on what matters now 

🧐 Track your progress to stay motivated

💡 Shift from reactive to proactive mode

Change your working methods and become a better version of yourself

Work smarter and be more productive

Visualize everything in a single space and stop going back and forth between multiple productivity tools.

Focus on what matters

Use the priority algorithm to know what you need to do first without being distracted by less important things.

Never waste time again  


Jump to what you need immediately with fast and hyper-relevant results.

Beat procrastination

Use the predefined templates to define the first/next action for each project.

Get more clarity and inspiration

Connect your goals-projects-tasks to get more ideas on how to achieve them.

Calm your scattered brain

Get your ideas out of your head and organize all your thoughts with drag-and-drop ease.

Stay motivated and full of energy

Track the progress of your goals as they go from “idea” to “done” and use your bucket list to reward yourself.


 Be more disciplined

Use the predefined reviews to check how you perform each week/month/trimester/year.  

Lifetion is inspired by 5 Best sellers

Save 79 hours and get all the best productivity methods approved by thousands of

people, in one system.

A glimpse of Lifetion

🛠️ The most powerful functionalities

📍 Goal tracking

1️⃣ Priority algorithm 

⏱ Time estimation

🔗 Connection between goals-projects-tasks

📅 Table, kanban board, calendar…

👁️‍🗨️ Different views, filters and sorting

👥 Task assignment for team members

🎨 Full customization

🔎 Powerful search

⤵️ Data import 

⤴️ Data export

📝 Collect

🏁 Purpose/principles of life

🎯 Goals

📋 Projects

🎓 Responsibilities

☑️ Tasks

📥 New inputs

🗒️ Lists of ideas, notes, interests, personal affirmations…

🖇️ Sort, clarify

📎 Tasks to clarify

📎 Projects to clarify

📎 Goals to clarify

📅 Planning

📆 Monthly planning

📅 Recurring tasks to plan

📅 Paused tasks to plan

🖥️ To do

💻 Dashboard

*️⃣ Tasks/context

#️⃣ Tasks/project

✨ Bonus

🛣️ Life Roadmap

🧰 Media

📌 Bucket list

ℹ️ Help

❓ FAQs

📜 System properties

✅ Predefined reviews

⭐ Weekly review

⭐ Monthly review

⭐ Trimestrial review

⭐ Yearly review

📄 Templates and checklists

✅ Goal definition checklist: S.M.A.R.T method

🧠 Brainstorming: 5Ws 2Hs method

🧠 Brainstorming: SCAMPER method

Predefined reviews

Methods and predefined templates

months of testing and improving

minutes of video tutorials

template pages

Helpful questions to fill in your databases

What you’ll get

Lifetime access to Lifetion

Immediately after ordering, you’ll be sent a confirmation email, once you open the link, duplicate the system into your personal workspace and you’re good to go. You’ll also be informed of any future update.

Step-by-step guide

Along with the template, you’ll get video tutorials, a hundred of inspiring  questions, examples and descriptions of the system properties to help you fully understand the system and how to use it. 

Access to a Facebook group

Be part of a Facebook community with all your fellow Lifetioners out there, where you can share your dashboard, your ideas, motivate one another, and even ask questions to help each other. 


Whether you’re a new entrepreneur, a team member, or a person struggling with procrastination and discipline, Lifetion is the right fit for you:


➢  With the templates, you get to define real goals. A goal properly set is halfway reached, right? And clarity beats procrastination.


  Predefined reviews will help you be more disciplined as they will allow you to evaluate yourself and check how you’re performing.


  The priority algorithm will make you focus on what you need to do now so that you respect all your deadlines.

➢  With the bucket list in place, you get to plan one of your dreams as a reward whenever you achieve a goal. And we all know how we become motivated when there’s a reward for our hard work.


➢  In the media database, you can store all the interesting elements that you want to view later: articles, podcasts, courses, books… Once you finish a book, add the important ideas directly to the database so you can easily access the book’s summary whenever you want. 

➢  Connecting your goals-projects-tasks will help you give a clearer image of what you want to do and get new ideas on how to achieve it.


➢  Working with your team has never been this easy. With Lifetion, you can easily assign tasks to your team members.



Lifetion is for you if you:


✔️ Don’t want to waste any more time switching between different apps and want to have everything in one place.

✔️ Are ready to cut down on interruptions and stay focused on your priorities.

✔️ Got tired of having messy and unorganized folders where you store all your information.

✔️ Want to gain more clarity and be less stressed.

✔️ Want to reach your full potential to finally achieve your goals.

✔️ Need help making the right decisions and want to have more control on your life.

✔️ Don’t have enough discipline.

Lifetion isn’t for you if you:


 Think the system will do everything for you: Lifetion is only here to help and guide you but it’s up to you to decide whether you want to achieve your goals or not. 

 Don’t have access to some companies may block the access to certain websites, so if you want to use it in the office, make sure that you can get access to it.  

 Don’t have any project: if you’re still discovering yourself and don’t know what you want to do in life, Lifetion won’t help you. 

 Aren’t patient: any new tool requires a little bit of time to get used to.

 Are skeptical of the cloud:  Your data is indeed stored in the cloud, a private one, so that you can easily find your backups and access your workspace from any device.  

Lifetion is more than just a

system, it’s a lifestyle

No need to think about what you have to do and what to begin with, because Lifetion does it all for you.

You can track your progress to see how you’re doing. And once you achieve a goal, you get to plan one of your dreams. It’s all about dopamine, right? 

One single platform brings together both your personal and professional life.

Lifetion is:

Focusing on your priorities, making the right decisions, achieving your goals and rewarding yourself.

How Lifetion was created 


Mathias is by far the most organized person I know. And as a perfectionist, he wasn’t able to find that one tool that’ll help him deal with all his documents and thousands of notes.

And because the perfect tool for him didn’t exist he decided to create it! He was the first client of his own creation. And I, the second one.

Can I just tell you how amazed I was the moment he showed me what he could come up with? And the only question that I had in mind was:

How can one system do it all?

Lifetion helped me get a clear vision on what I want to do and showed me how powerful it is to consider my goals as a whole and not separately.

After using Lifetion for a long time, and fully understanding how it works, I decided to translate it in English to be able to share it with everyone out there who’s still struggling with their life just like I was.


How is Lifetion different from any other course/app?

With Lifetion, you can do what normally would’ve required three tools or more. Having it all in one place will not only make your life easier but it will keep you organized so that you can focus on what really matters. Thanks to the clean design, you can visually navigate content and find what you’re looking for in 2 seconds.

Is it worth its price?

Lifetion is the fruit of 2 years of learning the best productivity methods found in 5 best-selling books and approved by thousands of people out there, and 10 months of developing, improving and testing the system’s efficiency with real people. It’ll help you save hundreds of hours. Time is more important than money because it’s a limited resource that should be spent wisely. 

How much time do I need to commit to Lifetion?

It all depends on your profile and the complexity of your projects, it can take you a couple of hours or a weekend. Once you duplicate the system, you will get video tutorials and questions to help you as much as possible.

Lifetion is collaborative, so can I share it with my colleagues/friends?

Lifetion is a premium copyrighted Notion template. A duplicate represents a valid template license for a SINGLE user.

If you want to use Lifetion to work with your team you must get one template for each person. Contact us: we’re open to affiliation deals.

Is there a refund policy?

After getting Lifetion, you’ll get lifetime access to all the templates and thus it’s non-refundable. However, you can always get the free templates before buying Lifetion, it will help you get an overview on how the system works. 

If you have a problem, send us an email: and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I use Lifetion if I already have my notes somewhere else?

Yes. allows you to import data from other apps like: Confluence, Asana, Trello, Google docs, Evernote… Find out how here.

Is Lifetion available in other languages?

Lifetion is currently available in English and French. If you’re interested in translating it in your native language, contact us here: and we’ll find a deal.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, simply reply to the confirmation email with your company’s details and you will get an invoice. 

What if I don’t have time to fill in everything now?

No problem, once you buy Lifetion it’ll be yours forever. Feel free to use it whenever you want. But we highly recommend you start using it right away because you don’t want to waste any minute using another tool. 

What if I have another question?

If you have any other question or problem, you can send it here:

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